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I received my TMJ Face Caddy only three days after having ordered it. At that point I was praying for its appearance in my
mailbox, since I could neither speak, nor eat, nor stop crying for the excruciating pain. I had been googling complete TMJ
surgical replacements for a while, as I have been wearing a splint and have had an arthroscopy, but have no disc at all.
About two months ago the whole side of my face flared up - CAT scans showed bare bone grinding on bone - and I
though I have been experiencing palliative PT, it just kept getting worse. After ONE DAY of wearing your Face Caddy fairly
steadily, moistening the heat, I woke up today in about 30% of the pain I have been in for weeks. IT IS LIKE A MIRACLE
TO ME!!!! I am now switching my thought processes from risky whole joint replacement to heat, massage, and exploration
of other palliative measures. The surgery sounds so incredibly risky.

This is the evening of the second day. My right eye, which was almost shut, is open - and the huge swelling at the angle
of my jaw (I am very thin, so this was blatant and weird-looking) has more than halved. Such a simple concept, with such
profound effect! Lastly, but not least importantly, I want to thank you for your sweetly personal and compassionate
handwritten wishes for my healing and "relief" through your product. It was a rare joy. Please feel free to use any or all of
this letter in your promotional materials. Now if you only made them in lavender . . . Just joking! I send you my heartfelt,
jawfelt, earfelt, eyefelt, headfelt, cheekfelt, chinfelt thanks.

This page/site is such a blessing. You mention TMJ, migraines, etc, but please allow me to tell you about a different illness.
It's called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is considered, by the medical community, as the most painful disease known to man....
often referred to as The SUICIDE DISEASE. YOUR product, face caddy, is something that can benefit people (me) with this
disease bec even brushing our teeth, cold air, wind touching our face,...can cause serious pain and attacks of the facial
nerves. Most in my TN group on FB use scarves to cover our face but when I found THIS COMPANY, I shared it on every
TN site I could find. So, again, thank you and please consider including TN in your advertising! It will help and reach SO

I just ordered my Face Caddy and looking oh so much forward to be wearing it after my bi-lateral TMJ replacement. I
will look absolutely stylish!!

I must remember to order my Face Caddy. The pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia has been unbearable and holding ice
packs hurt my arms and melts down my face. Looks like a great product. Thank you for inventing it!

I have tried many jaw wraps and can say this one is the best made and most comfortable one so far. The different colors
offered also are a plus. I am looking forward to using this during the healing phase of my upcoming surgery in August.

I got my face caddy in the mail on the same day as my splint adjustment. Perfect timing! Both the compression and heat
seem to have made my recovery shorter than previous adjustments. Highly recommend!

Hello all. Just wanted to give a shout out for the Face Caddy. Just got mine in but I already like it. It fits perfectly and the
gel pack goes to the exact place on the jaw that needs the heat/ice. I've just been diagnosed with TMJ and have had
some pretty bad headaches in the last 4-6 weeks. I found this online and it is the only product I've seen that gets the
heat right where I need it.

I'll add one more plug. There was a bit of a mixup in my order - mistakes happen - I'm a very reasonable person. But John  
was great. He gave me special shipping and threw in a couple of gel packs to cover. That's not something he had to do...
and in this day and age - most folks do not do this. But this is one of the best examples of customer service I've ever seen.
Great service, great product and great communication!!!! Thanks again to John for walking the walk!!!

Got this for my daughter's friend with TMJ. I had previously gotten one for my daughter when she broke her jaw. It is a
terrific product!

Son-in-law recently had extensive oral surgery and this item was even better than the ones they used in the hospital.
The pockets were perfect for holding ice packs.

I recently had surgery to remove two impacted wisdom teeth.  The post-op instructions included cold application of
peas or ice on a twenty minute rotation for the first twenty-four hours.  The surgeon gave me a head-wrap similar to the
Face Caddy, however the ice was in rectangular blocks that did not form to your face.  It was also not a very soft fabric, so
it felt less like a relief and more like taking medication.  I used the one provided by the dental office twice: once in the
recovery room and once at home, but once I started using the Face Caddy I looked forward to those twenty-minute wrap

The Face Caddy is soft and pleasant.  It is like a welcome, cool hug.  I also think using it kept the swelling to a relatively
low level.  Due to the comfort of my Face Caddy, I was more likely to maintain the scheduled "ice time," than if I had
something less comfortable or convenient.

Hey John, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Face Caddy. They have really REALLY helped my
Drs. gave me narcotics for them, which led to a bad spiral. Now I can just wrap up in a Face Caddy when a bad
one hits and be off nasty prescriptions. Thanks for your product!

I have had 22 jaw surgeries and have always been looking for something like this, even trying to construct one of my
own. This has made an amazing difference in my ability to fall asleep and get some relief, which has never been easy!!
While my issues are all on one side, i can keep one "pack" on ice and one at room temp to use as a heat relief option.
Many thanks!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the face caddy thing ROCKS! I absolutely LOVE it! Wish I would of bought it
sooner. No more having to lay down, propping pillows everywhere to hold the ice in place....I can go about my day. Thank
you for having that on your page. :-)

Something so simple, yet works wonders! I have severe TMJ, and this has been a blessing, I wish I had discovered it a
year ago!