Remember: When you order your Face Caddy from our site, you automatically get a free set of gel packs. No discount code needed.*

*Can’t be combined or used with another discount offer.

Face Caddy

 A set of two reusable hot/cold gel packs come with each
Face Caddy.

Face Caddy
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gel packs

All gel packs are non-toxic, reusable and can be used as hot packs or cold packs.

Freezer and microwave safe. Non-toxic.

Gel Packs for Face Caddy

Just need the Gel Packs?
Some people just want the gel packs. Maybe they already have a Face Caddy or want them for another part of the body. Whatever the reason, we're happy to offer them!

*Gel packs come in sets of two (2)
*A set of gel packs is included with each Face Caddy

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