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Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy Pack
Plus shipping
Why order an extra set?
Some people like to apply ice and then immediately apply heat
(or vise versa). In that case, you'll need an extra set so one
can be kept in the freezer and one ready for the microwave.
Face Caddy Hot & Cold Wrap
Plus shipping
Each Face Caddy comes
with two reusable hot/cold
therapy gel packs.
TMJD: Why Face Caddy helps
Patients spend thousands of dollars on splints and surgery to help TMJD. But one of the most affordable,
non-surgical solutions to help the pain is the application of moist heat to the jaw area. Face Caddy is
perfectly designed to comfortably hold two heat therapy packs (
included with each Face Caddy) on the
face to help calm ragged TMJ nerves, relax the joint and settle your anxiety.
Face Caddy
Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap
Official hot & cold wrap of
Free Priority Mail shipping in the US ($7.25 value) for
TMJ Hope members. Use code: TMJHope when ordering.